Thursday, June 04, 2009

RNC Now Leaderless

Limbaugh: If I could be convinced that Sonia Sotomayor might be the biggest hope
for overturning Roe v. Wade down the line, then I might be persuaded to look at
her nomination in a different light. I’m serious. I’m dead serious. I’m dead
serious. Life, preserving life, to me, is a far more important issue — we can
deal with the racism and the bigotry, that can be canceled out by other justices
and so forth.
That's right, someone talked Rush into backing down on something. Rather than spearhead another losing fight, Rush is triangulating his way out of this battle. I like Think Progress' observation about this:

Apparently in Limbaugh’s view, when judges allow their religious backgrounds to directly influence their rulings in ways conservatives view favorably, it’s blind justice. When judges remark that being a minority can give individuals perspective on the impact of their rulings, it’s racism.


wamk said...

Perhaps Rush is trying to influence Sotomayor to publicly state how she feels on this issue.

Or not, cause he isn't smart enough to do something like that.

Danielk said...

Gee, if that's what Rush is after, then he's basically insisting that the nominee be prejudiced toward a certain group or legal outcome.

Waitaminnut... isn't that what these guys have been screaming about?

Publius said...

She's still a racist. She needs to be opposed. I've always said that I don't care how a judge "feels" about abortion. As long as they adjudicate following the written law, then what they "feel" is meaningless... or should be. But, if they judge based on their "feelings" (like Sotomayor does) then they are not good candidates for the bench.