Friday, June 05, 2009

Greetings From Next Year

Ooooh, I was up too late last night. As often happens with me, I got a tech bug - I decided it would be fun to replace the Linux OS on my Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook with the modern, gorgeous, currently free Windows 7 beta. Essentially Windows 7 is Vista with all the irritating parts carved away.

So I had to buy an external DVD drive, then I had to download the W7 disk image, then I had to redownload it in the 32-bit version (I can't handle 64-bit, apparently) and there were the usual formatting problems. The upshot is I didn't get to sleep until 2, which is about 3 and a half hours later than usual.

But the OS looks gorgeous now! It had better too, because it takes up 7.5 gigabytes of my 8 gig flash hard drive. If I need to use this thing for anything other than surfing, I'd have to go back to linux. It begs the question, why NOT do that but for now, I'm enjoying the Aero eye candy.


Publius said...

I am hearing nothing but good things about 7, anyway. I am a Mac fan, myself, but I do have a Vista box and a laptop with XP.

Danielk said...

Oh believe me, OSX was my first choice but I don't have a non OEM copy around the house, and the installation is said to be 10 times worse because it involved more hacking. Otherwise I'd have gone for it. I even have an apple sticker covering up the Dell logo on this thing.

Publius said...

"I even have an apple sticker covering up the Dell logo on this thing."


Unfortunately for me, I am very soon going to be forced to buy a new Mac. Much as I love them, they cost WAAAY too much. I have been running this G4 on system 10.3.9 for far longer than is practical. It is to a point where even things on the web cannot be updated because my system is so far out of date.

Sigh. There goes 2 thousand dollars!