Monday, June 15, 2009

A Plea for Clarification About Media Bias

Okay, I'm not going to convince you that the MSM isn't liberal-biased. If you believe that, there is not amount of counter evidence that will prove otherwise. So let's move on - why is it a problem?

Since you know I'm an idiot, assume that you'll have to explain EVERYTHING that's wrong with this unfair situation. Give examples!


Joe Biden said...

How about this from 'Evil Klown'? Where is the MSM on this one?

"Biden tells "Meet the Press" that "everyone guessed wrong" on the impact of the stimulus, economy was worse off than anyone thought.

"No one realized how bad the economy was. The projections, in fact, turned out to be worse. But we took the mainstream model as to what we thought -- and everyone else thought -- the unemployment rate would be."

"Everyone guessed wrong at the time the estimate was made about what the state of the economy was at the moment this was passed."

Really, genius? Cuz I recall guessing you jackasses were going to spend a trillion dollars with no impact at all except putting us further into debt. I recall that EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN in the House voted against this bill.

A nearly $820 billion stimulus package passed the House of Representatives Wednesday without a single Republican vote.

So ... NO ... "Everyone" didn't guess wrong. As usual it was the Dipshitocrats who "guessed wrong." I have an idea ... STOP GUESSING WITH A TRILLION CRISP YOU JACKASSES. Take your John Maynard Keynes and cram him up your ass instead of cramming him up OUR asses all the time, idiots.

Hey ... BIDEN ... I have a "guess" for you. We're about to see inflation and unemployment go through the roof. Since you idiot Dipshitocrats keep blocking drilling, refining, and exploration, we're about to see gas/energy prices go through the roof.

Oh, woe is us ... who could have seen this coming?

Note: I recall taking myriad economics classes in school. The "professors" all talked like Keynes was their hero. Since I knew no better and there was NO conflicting information presented, I bought it. College = education, my ass."

Danielk said...

I'm not trying to be provocotive here, but it seems to me that Media Bias didn't do any damage in this instance. First of all, you'd have to show that the media didn't air the more pessimistic projections, and if that is true, it obviously didn't influence the Republican vote. Probably not the Democrats either.

NY Times said...

Not reporting the truth about what Joey-baby said, fair and equally - you know, un-baised (well, maybe you don't know), and letting the public make up it's own mind, is proof in this case alone, of media bias.

And since you have made it oh-so-clear in the past that you don't see any un-fair media bias, why are we even having this conversation?

Danielk said...

Well, Great White Ape, I'm giving you the opportunity to convince me. Understand for the purposes of argument I'm granting there is leftward media bias - I'm only asking you to explain what damage that does.

Ancestoral Primate Evolves (APE) said...

The fact you have to ask leaves me speechless. I hope and trust you are kidding.

Danielk said...

Giving up so soon?

Publius said...

The leftward bias wouldn't be a problem for me on one level IF they admitted it themselves. IF they owned it and said "Yeah, THIS is where we come from."

But, you see, where it is a problem is they CLAIM to be unbiased, middle of the road, just-the-facts-ma'am "reporters." However, they are slanted, fakirs, not "reporters."

So, where the problem comes in is that they use their leftist propaganda, present it as "centrist news" and mislead the American people into thinking the left line is the "middle" line drawing the American ideal toward the left.

Now, in the old days (I'm talking 1940s and previous) when you bought a newspaper or a magazine, you already knew what side of the ideological debate they stood on. Everyone knew which side the Tribune, or the Daily News was on (generic names as many towns had a Tribune and a Daily News).

So, where does it hurt? It hurts because even many conservatives in America have been misled for so long by the media and the Euro-loving, educrats in our fetid schools that even supposed conservatives no longer understand what America IS. There is a vast lack of knowledge of the Constitution, the American philosophy, a mistaken idea of what "freedom" and "freedom of speech" means, a complete lack of understanding of our history and traditions in this country. With the steady leftward bias we are marching down the road to communism and THAT is exactly what the Old Media and the liberals want. Every decade a little more is lost and the Old Media is in the vanguard of that transition.

This country, for instance, would never have allowed the socialist takeover of our entire banking and insurance industry, our auto industry, an effort to take over 20% of our economy by forcing substandard government healthcare on the American people. And that so many millions of Americans now feel these ideas are GOOD ideas shows how the Old Media and the un-American miseducational establishment are winning the debate, winning the effort to remake America from a great nation to a cheaper, less powerful version of france.

And there you have it.

Danielk said...

If, as you suggest, the media was openly biased previous to the forties, why did America accept the New Deal?

And is the reason that you accept Fox claiming to be "fair and balanced" because they're simply compensating for the lies of the rest of the media?

Charlie Gibson said...

What a friggin' joke.

Tue Jun 16 2009 08:45:10 ET

On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care -- a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special -- 'Prescription for America' -- originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate.


Late Monday night, Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Ken McKay fired off a complaint to the head of ABCNEWS:

Dear Mr. Westin:

As the national debate on health care reform intensifies, I am deeply concerned and disappointed with ABC's astonishing decision to exclude opposing voices on this critical issue on June 24, 2009. Next Wednesday, ABC News will air a primetime health care reform “town hall” at the White House with President Barack Obama. In addition, according to an ABC News report, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, WORLD NEWS, NIGHTLINE and ABC’s web news “will all feature special programming on the president’s health care agenda.” This does not include the promotion, over the next 9 days, the president’s health care agenda will receive on ABC News programming.

Today, the Republican National Committee requested an opportunity to add our Party's views to those of the President's to ensure that all sides of the health care reform debate are presented. Our request was rejected. I believe that the President should have the ability to speak directly to the America people. However, I find it outrageous that ABC would prohibit our Party's opposing thoughts and ideas from this national debate, which affects millions of ABC viewers.

In the absence of opposition, I am concerned this event will become a glorified infomercial to promote the Democrat agenda. If that is the case, this primetime infomercial should be paid for out of the DNC coffers. President Obama does not hold a monopoly on health care reform ideas or on free airtime. The President has stated time and time again that he wants a bipartisan debate. Therefore, the Republican Party should be included in this primetime event, or the DNC should pay for your airtime.

Ken McKay
Republican National Committee
Chief of Staff


ABCNEWS Senior Vice President Kerry Smith on Tuesday responded to the RNC complaint, saying it contained 'false premises':

"ABCNEWS prides itself on covering all sides of important issues and asking direct questions of all newsmakers -- of all political persuasions -- even when others have taken a more partisan approach and even in the face of criticism from extremes on both ends of the political spectrum. ABCNEWS is looking for the most thoughtful and diverse voices on this issue.

"ABCNEWS alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of the president. Like any programs we broadcast, ABC News will have complete editorial control. To suggest otherwise is quite unfair to both our journalists and our audience."

Danielk said...
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Danielk said...

Say, where are you quoting that from? I'd like to read further.

Matt Drudge said...

Not that you'll visit the site.

Danielk said...

Okay, I have to confess I didn't read the entire site, but I did read the article and 2 thoughts strike me:

1. Why not quote ABC in its entirety also? If it was a space issue, why cut'n'paste the RNC statement?

2. Wouldn't it be better for your argument that the program is biased to wait until after it has aired?

ABC, I'll remind you, employs Jake Tapper who has been making things rough for the Obama administration; they aired THE ROAD TO 9/11 over the objections of prominent liberals including Bill Clinton; and they've bankrolled John Stossel for over 20 years.

Johnny Jake said...

I cut n pasted the entire article, at the time it was on Drudge. I did not leave anything out / off.

If more has come out since then, I did not have access to it, as I just made it back to a computer.

I was out working so BO could tax me more.

Publius said...

Education in America has been under attack since the turn of the last century. Folks like John Dewey and Charles Beard began to undermine education long before the New Deal.

Additionally, many "intellectuals" had spent since the late 1800s telling people about what a great system communism was, so it isn't surprising that in a world that seemed to ALL be going red (including the Nazis, Nazism is a leftward ideology NOT a right-wing one) that many in America were fooled by FDRs socialist malarkey.

What is telling is how quickly America turned against commies after WWII. We came back to our senses briefly. But the steady drumbeat of the left thru educrats and the media has eroded that quite handily.

And the result is you, actually. A reasonable person that has had his head so filled with anti-American garbage from birth that he actually thinks he IS being American with his left-wing ideas! You are the perfect example of the propaganda program.

Danielk said...

Sorry Johnny J: What I meant was, why did DRUDGE cut and paste the one and not the other. I meant no disrespect to you. This time.