Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let My Lizard People Go

"The bill's passage, by 219-212*, with eight Democrats voting against it, also established a marker for the United States when international negotiations on a new climate-change treaty begin later this year."
Eight democrats voting against a bill - isn't it time to stop blocking Al Franken?

I mean really, this vote demonstrates that there is enough range in the Democratic party that there is no NEED for the increasingly scarce Republicans. We oppose ourselves. Once Republicans drum out the 4 who voted for they bill (attention bias watch customers: the NYT fails to mention that any Republicans voted for it) they'll be small enough to stop being a voting bloc and just take up residence as a kind of elected lobby. A party of spokesmen.

* I'm reading elsewhere that it was 44 Democrats voting nay, which would just further buttress my position.


Publius said...

With traitor Republicans around, why do you need to worry about a few Dems that vote the right way? I mean, with the 6 GOPers that voted against capitalism, against affordable energy, against, common sense, and against their countrymen, who needs more Democrats

wamk said...

Those 8 Repubs gave some cover to the Dems that Pelosi would have had to strongarm into voting for Cap and Trade. So those Republicans hurt the Country twice, by voting "yes", and "allowing" some unprotected Dems to vote "no".