Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There Is A Perfectly Reasonable Explaination For This

The liberal media never identifies Democrats if they're involved in scandals. Yes! No one involved in a scandal is ever associated in the press with the Democrat party.

Therefore, Fox has to do this once in a while, just to balance things out. In the big scheme of things, this freeze frame is completely accurate.

(h/t Wonkette, which probably added the crayon scrawlin' themselves)


Publius said...

Hilarious. Just like when CNN broadcast a Dick Cheney speech with an "X" over his face.

Danielk said...

A. Yes, and as a result of those two or three frames, to this day I still believe that Dick Cheney is, uh, I dunno - exed?

B. And CNN, of course, has this history of subliminal x's over politicians faces, which makes it the total equivalent of Fox's repeatedly identifying Mark Foley as a Democrat. Or really, all these guys.