Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Great News For Terrorists

Not just terrorists, but anyone who is frustrated by that whole "rule of law" thing.

A long, difficult chapter in the struggle over legalized abortion came to an end today, when the family of slain physician George Tiller announced this morning that it would permanently close his Wichita abortion clinic, Women's Health Care Services.

Tiller, 67, was shot to death in the vestibule of his Lutheran church on May 31, where he served as an usher.

The shuttering of his clinic means there are no abortion providers left in the Wichita area, and only two other clinics in the country that perform late-term abortions, Tiller's specialty.
Los Angeles Times 6/9

I'm predicting here that no one is going to say it was right that Dr. Tiller was shot, but it's a good thing that the clinic closed down. A fortunate coincidence, if you will. And if the other two don't close down soon, maybe we can hope for more coincidence. And while we're at it, should we really just stand by and allow people to perform gay marriages?

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