Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comedy And The Left

I wish I had a transcript, but this morning on LeShow Harry Shearer made a point that I'd like to see taken to heart. He was remarking about the battle between Palin and Letterman, and pointed out that it pleased him, because comedians and politicians should be enemies.

He's damn right. Every time Obama turns up on a talk show, I die a little inside. It just feels wrong. A news show maybe. But any time you see a politician sitting somewhere that Bob Saget or Angelina Jolie normally is found, you should just stop watching that show for a couple of weeks. To train 'em. The proper place for the president is as a punchline in a monologue. And it shouldn't be complimentary - if you don't have something mean to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

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Publius said...

Heck, if ya ask me, I don't think a president should go on ANY show that isn't a news show, NOR do I think they should attend that idiotic White House Correspondent's Dinner and do that so-called comedy routine. It's beneath the office of the president.