Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Problem with the Tiller = Long Comparison

O'Reilly: here's my question. Is NBC complicit in the murder of Private Long? After all, that network has relentlessly branded America a torture nation. A nation run by human rights's violators. Didn't NBC news incite Mr. Muhammad to kill the soldier?

Well, here's the thing. Nobody had singled out Private Long as a target and someone who must be stopped. Even if you argue that NBC demonized the military (which is a pretty hard claim to support) you can't say they had a guy on every couple of days saying that Private Long was the worst of the worst of recruiters, and to not stop him meant that you had the blood of Iraqis on your own hands.

And don't get me wrong, obviously the real killers here are the individuals who did the killing. But to suggest that if you consistantly hint on national television that this guy, John Smith who lives at a certain address in New Jersey is worthy of execution, but you're in NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for it when someone waits for John Smith to come home and puts a bullet through his head, that's just disingenuous.


wamk said...

Long wasn't "singled out", he and the other soldier (that was wounded) were the only ones there. The alleged killer stated to police that had there been more soldiers in the parking lot, he would have shot them as well. Long was the "face" of the military, just as Tiller was the "face" of abortion.

Both shooters had a mission: to shot those that they disagreed with.

Both are equally vile.

It's unfortunate that the Media doesn't understand that.

Can you point to anything in O'Reilly's reorts on Tiller that was factually incorrect?

Danielk said...

Since I don't watch O'Reilly, forgive me if I go out on a limb here. If he ever used the term "murderer" to describe Tiller, that's factually incorrect. "Killer" is okay, but murder implies the breaking of laws, which Tiller was not doing.

If he never used "murder" than no, I cannot.

wamk said...

So reporting on what someone is doing now constitutes inciting violence?

For the record, every time I saw O'Reilly talk about Tiller (not claiming I saw every ocurance) he reminded viewers that what Tiller was doing wasn't illegal, just pushing the limits of what the law allows.

As a sidebar, there are only 2 other clinics in the Country that perform abortions that late into a pregnancy.

I wonder why?

Danielk said...

Why? Gee, I can't imagine why someone wouldn't go rushing right in to the late-term abortion business nowadays!

wamk said...

Prior to Tiller's murder, there were three. Why weren't there more before? It is legal, after all.

Plus, those clinics are protected by the Federal Government providing security.

Danielk said...

You tell me. Why aren't more people willing to abort a fetus even if it means saving the mother's life?

Publius said...

"...even if it means saving the mother's life?"

That is the ONLY time I can justify it, myself.

Danielk said...

Oh silly me, here's the reason why

"Jill Stanek, has been busy playing the anti-abortion version of Radio Rwanda by posting pictures and addresses of the nation's only two remaining late-term abortion providers. "

Hey it's a little muddy morally; but the important thing is that the sanctity of life is protected, eh?

A. Bortion said...

"...but the important thing is that the sanctity of life is protected, eh?"

Except for the 45,000,000 babies who have been killed since RvW.

The hell with THEIR sanctity of life, right?

Danielk said...

So GWK, I can put you down as being okay with Tiller's murder? After all, it's only fair.