Friday, June 12, 2009

The Search For Equivilency

Both these via Wonkette. First:

Logic puzzle - If von Brunn = Wright, then Wright has shot and killed museum guard? Shouldn't Wright more accurately be compared to Bill O'Reilly?

Next, via the weekly Comics Curmudgeon feature:

I'll just take my snark neat instead of adding the ice of my own comments. "This, however, is wrong, because wars involved tens of thousands of dead people, and even more people losing limbs and being psychologically scarred for life, and whole societies wrecked for decades, whereas a corporate reorg at worst means, what, we might be subsidizing some electric cars or something? "


Publius said...

I didn't see Tapper as saying the two were the same in all ways. Just that similar sentiment they expressed that this makes them BOTH scumbags.

Publius said...

By the way, Tapper is a class A guy (for a lefty(. He and I have corresponded via email many times. He's a straight shooter. I don't agree with his politics or his social ideas, but he is one of the best actual reporters in the Old Media.