Tuesday, June 02, 2009

O'Reilly Weighs In

"I'm not saying he should have killed her, but I understand."

- Chris Rock, re: O.J. Simpson


wamk said...

Good thing there isn't anything condoning violence from the Left, like over at Playboy.

But I'm sure that's okay, because those Conservative women "profiled" would probably like being "hate-fucked", right?

Danielk said...

Now all we need is Playboy to get a nightly show and repeat that slander, say, 71 times, while adding that anyone who doesn't hate-fuck them has blood on their hands.

wamk said...


What did O'Reilly say about Tiller that was factually incorrect?

Glad to see that you take threats against women so seriously.

I thought Liberals were supoosed to be caring, and looked out for women.

Only if they are the "right" women, I guess.

Danielk said...

I get that you think O'Reilly is being treated unfairly but I'd like to go a little deeper. Do you think:

A. Neither O'Reilly nor Playboy have anything to apologize for, because they can't be held responsible for the actions of their fans.

B. Playboy AND O'Reilly must be silenced, because they're dangerous.

Or the O'Reilly option: C. What O'Reilly says is protected as free speech, but Playboy and NBC and Soros must be stopped because they're dangerous.