Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Good News About Mark Sanford

Hey, it wasn't a male prostitute. Same goes for John Ensign; image-wise, you guys are stepping way up from the Larry Craig/Ted Haggard era. And it certainly helps that sanctity of marriage argument when you're seen as cheating on your wives with women, rather then men.


Sorry, just let me have my fun.

Listen, you probably weren't listening but when the Clinton impeachment was going on. But I'd frequently pose the plaintive question, "are you SURE you want to pin your whole strategy on this?" Because there is a potential downside to demonizing politicians' infidelity. It's as if the guy calling the shots was either not a politician, never had sex, or both.

Grover Norquist must be quite a guy.




Publius said...

See, here is the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

We value morals. When we find that our politicians violate those morals (whether with a chick from Argentina OR a male pros) we disown them. They step down, and they lose their leadership positions.

On the other hand, Democrats HAVE no morals to worry about violating. So, when they find out their leaders killed a girl by driving off a bridge, let a male prostitute work out of his own home, fooled around with a staffer while his wife was dying of cancer, raped several women but still became president.... You see, when the left finds out about that sort of stuff they say with a unified voice, "So what? We don't care. We just want to win!"

Ergo, Republicans are held to a higher standard and Democrats aren't held to any standard at all.

Danielk said...

Yes, that is what Christ alluded to when he said, "let he who is most familiar with this sin cast the first stone."

Publius said..., OK. How that quote fits, I don't know.